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Blindspot Consulting (BSC) specializes in delivering bespoke business solutions and coaching services, leveraging over 30 years of combined expertise in Corporate Finance, Venture Capital, Acquisitions, and Executive Management Strategies. Renowned for our creative and sometimes unorthodox approach, we excel in areas like Executive Management, Financial Consulting, Product Launch, Licensing, Brand Marketing, and personalized coaching. Our diverse clientele, including names like NASA, Dunlop, Tersa, APP Professional SUP League, Superheat Games, and Joh Daly, highlights our capability to enhance brand awareness, forge strategic partnerships, and optimize corporate efficiency across various sectors, including our specialty in the sporting industry. BSC's comprehensive service suite, extending from Corporate Restructuring to Venture Capital Solutions and Executive Coaching, reflects our commitment to driving success and uncovering the potential in organizations and their leaders.

Services Offered

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Future-proof Yourself with Coaching

Our Coaching offers tailored, one-on-one, and group coaching aimed at enhancing leadership skills and workplace effectiveness. This specialized service focuses on key areas such as strategic thinking, decision-making, communication, and change management, customized to meet each unique needs and goals of the client

Fractional CFO Services

Financial Modeling, Budget Creation, Cashflow Forecasting, FInancial Insights, Developing key business performance indicators (KPI’s) Operational expertise, Funding & Capitalization, Exit Strategy, Pricing Models, Acquisition – Diligence, Business Credit Building


Evaluate capital and funding options, Expense reduction plans, Risk management assistance, Competitor and market analysis, Vendor management, Headcount evaluation, Due diligence preparation, Equity funding, Debt financing, Strategic planning

What Clients Say

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“Robert at Blindspot took my company's business model and made me think outside of the box. His tutelage and experience showed every step of the way and still work to this day. His vision is definitely coming to fruition even 5 years down the road.”

Business Manager/CBRE

“Robert has an amazing ability to convert a good idea into a profitable business faster than anyone I've ever met. His intense focus and high energy level, combined with a deep understanding of all aspects of business practice, allow him to accomplish more in a year than most people do in a career.”


“Robert has an amazing gift of turning a complex, sensitive, and multiple business drivers into a very practical and implementable action plan. That he can then turn around and make sure the team executes to success is a winning combo.”

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